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Windbells air Stone Disc Aquarium Fish Tank Bubbler with Control Valve Oxygen Diffuser for Hydroponics (Air Pump and pipe not included)

Original price $18.99 - Original price $24.99
Original price
$18.99 - $24.99
Current price $18.99
尺寸: 2-Inch
🙉 - Steady and Non-toxic : Disc-shaped for optimal air diffusion and steady. The non-toxic material also keeps fish safe and healthy.
🙀 - Perfect for Aquarium : Provides adequately tiny bubbles of air necessary rather than large one for plant growth, makes your aquarium look like a fairyland, allows fish to breathe properly and help to improve the organic enviroment of aquarium tank.
👊- Adds oxygen circulation :Adds oxygen circulation to your aquarium and when added to a hydroponic growing system, it energizes the growing solution while aerating and circulating nutrients.
🌱 - Stay Stablely:Weighs 5.2OZ / 150g , heavy enough to stay firmly on the bottom of the tank without disturbing any of your aquatic animals.