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Welcome to Neptonion!
Welcome to Neptonion!

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Amazing Value

Love this handy little gadget! Great magnetic that cleans the tank very well! bought the smaller size and it works perfectly for our 150 gallon tank.

Veronica Hatton

My daughter recently bought a pet snake. She has a separate tank set up here for when she visits. She is also using it to store him while she's cleaning out his habitat.

Wayne L.

I love them and my chameleons love them to! I couldn’t get Tiki my oldest to drink for a dripped when I got him so I switched to this hoping it would work and it did! And Ezekiel my youngest chameleon love it to!

lexi dietzel

Works perfectly. I have a second piece of felt that I place in between the handle and glass for additional protection and cleaning. The magnet is strong enough to get a good cleaning.

E. Cano


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