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NEPTONION Reptile Heat Lamp UV Heat Light Bulb, Basking Daylight Spot Bulb for Lizard, Tortoise, Bearded Dragon

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尺寸: 50W
🌞 - Heat and Light : This bulb does not release UVC radiation, but it offered excellent levels of heat and warmth which makes great help to stimulate appetites, breeding and promote natural behaviors, helping your pet to live a healthy and long life.
🌗 - Circadian Rhythms : It helps creating a setting that is similar to its natural habitat easily while pairing up with any moonlight bulb, helps stimulate healthy growth and development.
🌡️ - Eyes-friendly : It's designed with a magnesium oxide coating to help reduce the harshness of the light, helps protect dragons' eyes.
💡 - Long Lasting : With a lifespan up to 8 months, these bulbs are each tested prior to sale to ensure they work correctly. Fits any standard threaded socket and any different types of enclosure.
🦎 - Compatibility : Suitable for reptile cages, and also works well for amphibians, hamsters, and birds.