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NEPTONION Reptile Moonlight Lamps, UVA Night Heat Bulb Basking Spot Heating Lamp Suitable for Snake, Chameleon, Bearded Dragon, Spider, Gecko, Lizard

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❗ - Day & Night Cycle : UVB lights should be kept on during the day and turned off at night in case it causes another problem, hypercalcemia (too much calcium).
💤 - Sleepy friendly : It project a penetrating heat that generates no residual light, so it will not interrupt sleep patterns. These are perfect for night time temperatures.
😁 - Standard : Fits any standard threaded socket and any different types of enclosure.
🌛 - Long Lasting : It last about 8 months, which outperform traditional bulbs in working life.
🌱 - Notice : It provides enough nighttime heat as a source of UVA, making it perfect for heating small to medium enclosures.Please just keep your pet at least 12 inches away from the heat source to avoid scorching.