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NEPTONION Reptile Reflector Dome Lamp Fixture, Deep Polished aluminum UVB Light Fixture for Reptile Glass Terrariums fit UVB UVA Bulb, Basking Heat Bulb, Ceramic Heat Emitter

Original price $20.99 - Original price $25.99
Original price
$20.99 - $25.99
Current price $20.99
尺寸: 5.5 inch
🌞 - Amazing Reflection : Polished aluminum dome reflects more UV & heat into your pet’s basking area, creating a habitat that has the perfect balance of heat and light for would not be a challenge anymore!
💨 - No more overheat : It features a ceramic socket that can accommodate bulbs up to 100 watts and ventilation holes on the top to enhance heat dissipation, works even perfect for ceramic heat emitters.
🌡️ - Easy to Use : It can be placed on top of the habitat or hung from a lamp stand with hanging hooks. It is simple to manage the light thanks to the independent on/off.
🦎 - Deep Dome : Any compact fluorescent bulb or UV/Heat bulb can be securely held inside of this fixture without burn your pets.
💡 - E26 Standard : Works with almost all incandescent bulbs, ceramic heat emitters, compact fluorescent bulbs, etc.