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NEPTONION UVA UVB Reptiles Bulb, Dual-threat UV Light Bulb, Compact Fluorescent Lamp, Suitable for Rainforest and Desert Reptiles

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尺寸: 13W-5.0
🌞 - Dual-threat : This bulb does not release UVC radiation, but it does provide adequate UVA, UVB, and heat output. By doing this your pets are able to absorb calcium and maintain their bone health in a warm and cozy environment.
💡 - 12 Months Life : The best phosphor coating in the industry make sure that long life up to 12 months, and then it need to be replaced, even if not burned out, to maintain UVB efficacy.
🌱 - Standard : Fits any standard threaded socket and any different types of enclosure.
💯 - Pre-Tested : We made fully Jobs with this by running a handful of tests on each of these lights before they ship and it weeds out any potential defects or safety issues.
🙊 - Compatibility - Suitable for desert reptiles such as Bearded Dragons, Ball Pythons, Tortoises, Lizards.