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Neptonion Reptile Chameleon Cantina with Snacks Trough, Drinking Fountain Water Dripper for Amphibians Insects Lizard Turtle Snake Spider Frog Gecko, Comes with Two Pumps (One for Replacement)

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🐳 - Bestie of Reptiles : It supplies your reptiles and amphibians with a continuous supply of fresh, clean, aerated drinking water. The continuously flowing water also raises humidity levels in the terrarium.
🐞 - Treats Trough : Smooth interior prevents food from escaping, offers reptiles a healthy and nutritious diet with fresh water and delicious treats.
😼 - Safe : Made from hard, non-porous and nontoxic food-grade resin , make no harm to your reptiles and very easy to clean.
🔧 - Extra Pump : Comes with a 2.5W/110V DC pump and an extra replacement, they work efficiently with no noise, the flow can be adjusted, and you can replace the pump when it doesn't work.
💦 - Dual filtration : Come with Activated Charcoal panel and Plastic Sieve, help to create purification of the water. ( for your pet's safe, we suggest you to clean it once a week.)