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Our Story


Founded by a team of Reptile enthusiasts and designers, Neptonion is spearheading the new concept of vivarium and aquarium and all of their accesories from their studio in China since 2017.

Neptonion is a new and refreshing presence in the industry, their passionate team shares a true love for nature and it is through their introduction of top terrariums and cutting edge pet art that they plan to showcase reptiles' life and fill our spaces with their miniature ecosystems.

Having vivarium pets in offices and rooms lifts one’s mood and boosts creativity and reduces stress and depression, says Stark Xiong, CEO, Online & Retail, at Neptonion.

About our new product in 2021. We took a lot of inspiration from the world of electronic gaming too. This is especially important as lots of elements from the gaming industry share a similar design philosophy. As for outside of the design world, we get inspired by human psychology, philosophy, natural history, ecology.”