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NEPTONION 8 in 1 Aquascaping Tool Kit with Acrylic Storage Rack, Black Steel Aquatic Landscaping Equipment Perfect to Create A Stunning Underwater Scape for Fish Tank

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🌊Professional : Comes with everything you need which made with black steel to craft a beautiful aquascape scene, pretty durable and 100% rust and corrosion-resistant, you can expect them to last for many years to come.
🌿Straight Scissors : It will not damage or disturb other plants and features surrounding your target plant. It’s great for making vertical cuts on stem plants like Rotala, and they are also a good option for trimming tall plants in the upper levels of your aquarium.
🌱Curved and Wave Scissors: It would be much easier to trim and prune spreading plants in the foreground and background of your planted tank, allowing you to make perfect cuts when parallel with the substrate, all while keeping your hands above the plants to minimize disturbance.
🐟2 Tweezers and Storage Rack : You get a pair of curved and straight tweezers with serrated tips that make gripping things much less of a hassle, It comes with a acrylic rack and a carrying bag that saves you the hassle of finding a safe place to store your sharp aquascaping tools, especially if you have children.
🐋Spatula : Comes with a spatula for flattening out sand or gravel, especially if your aquarium has large areas of unplanted sand that may be affected by erosion. You can also use it in scraping the scum near the edges of your tank.